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Ben Burns Burns' MLB BREAKFAST CLUB! $50.00
Nick Parsons American League Best Bet $30.00
Steve Merril MLB GRAND SLAM *BLOWOUT* $25.00
Kyle Hunter MLB Early Bird Special *Win Early Sunday!* $24.99
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Art Aronson AAA's 3-GM Friday Night OBLITERATION PASS! $50.00
Ben Burns Burns' 10* Afternoon BEST BET! $50.00
Sean Higgs Sean's CFB 10* Money Bomb $50.00
Ben Burns Burns' 10* Friday FEAST (First 10* of the Season!... $50.00
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Sean Higgs Sean's NFL 4pm Money-Maker $24.99
Jesse Schule Schule's NFL Week 1 *MNF* T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-O-R (+$1... $55.00
Jesse Schule Game of the Month (NFLX) - Schule's PRE-SEASON BES... $65.00
Johnny Banks *GOY ALERT* 2x WORLD CHAMP! 5000 DIME NFL OPENING ... $50.00

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